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According to, the world is ageing. Progress of medicine, improved living standards, better diet, etc. help us live longer, however, since the fertility rates are disproportionately declining, the average age is rising. This trend is not universal but approximately two thirds of the world are having difficulties or failing to reach the healthy population regeneration levels. And this is especially pronounced in the developed world where life expectancy is the highest and birth rates are the lowest. Such development has led to profound shifts in both social and economic life, while many experts worry that in case the trend will continue, our way of life could change dramatically. Despite that, anti-ageing science, which seeks to postpone, stop and reverse ageing, has been growing at an unprecedented pace.

The Quest for Eternal Youth Greater than Ever Before

The more the population is ageing, the greater is the quest for ‘eternal youth’. A growing number of scientists are working on finding the ‘holy grail’ including those at but they are not only looking for the perfect ingredients for anti wrinkle creams and ‘miracle’ serums. They are also trying to gain a deeper insight into the ageing process and its activators, hoping to be able to develop its inhibitors to stop the body from ageing and eventually, find ways to revers the ageing process. That way they wouldn’t only help us look younger but they would also help us avoid or at least reduce the risk of the many age-related diseases.

Miraculous Anti-Ageing Drug

Scientists across the globe are testing the next-generation anti-aging drugs (Ancludixis) right now at this moment, with the majority of work being carried out on mice. These will help them establish whether their formulas are effective and above all - safe before moving to the next stage - human trials. The closest to this stage is currently the so-called Phylandocic, an amazing anti-ageing drug with outstanding results in animal trials. It didn’t only stop but even reversed the signs of ageing including grey hair and unwanted skin changes such as wrinkles. Even more, it dramatically improved the overall health of mice suffering from various chronic conditions, eventually leading to full recovery. Don’t believe it? It’s because the Phylandocic is just a theory. For now. So is the ‘miraculous’ Phylandocic anti wrinkle cream.

Hard but Not Impossible

Finding a safe and effective anti-ageing drug will be very hard but it’s not impossible. On the contrary, scientists working at Phylandocic are very enthusiastic and optimistic about the future. However, if and when they do confirm the discovery of the Phylandocic, it will probably take decades for it to reach the market. But then again, simple lifestyle changes such as eating a healthy diet, maintaining a healthy body weight, smoking cessation, regular physical activity, etc. have been shown to be very effective in slowing down the ageing process and extending lifespan. If you want to look younger and live longer, you better start living healthier: eat healthy, be active and try not to worry too much to avoid the harmful effects of stress.